IRH Surgical was founded in 2001 and is welcoming the new year with fresh and innovative management team.

In fact, we are so excited about our new products and services, that the first project was to create, this web to show you, our customer, the new look IRH Surgical. You will notice our new extensive range of products, which are continually assessed and updated through our overseas buyers who located new Products that meet our high standards. Here at IRH Surgical we stay one step ahead of the Competition with the latest Products always available. Have you seen our exclusive Instruments range?

All IRH Surgical Instruments are manufactured to the highest standard and with latest technology in top grade & standard quality Material. We are using the steel type AISI-410, AISI-420, AISI-304, AISI-303 and AISI 440 series as per customer's requirements & specifications . We select the material for different instruments according to guidelines of ASTM F899-94 and ISO standards.

We believe that the best business is that where profit is on both sides. Why you should do business with us rather with our competitors?

There are three factors that determine the performance of a business;

  • Quality of products
  • Fair Prices
  • Timely Deliveries

Our product range covers Operating Scissors, Needle Holders, Retractors, Vaginal Speculum, Extracting Forceps, Dental Scalars, Extracting Forceps and many more.

We strictly comply with these requirements.

Quality control is rigorously enforced at every stage of manufacturing, final inspection and even on standard packing.

Prices are calculated realistically and commensurate with quality standards. We compromise on prices at the cost of quality.

We religiously adhere to performance of our commitment of deliveries. All factors, which could put us off balance, are predetermined to forestall any delays. A time margin even for unforeseen circumstances is accounted for before committing a delivery date.

We are proud of being among the leading Pakistani Manufacturers and use only the finest material for our specialties. We employ best skilled labour and our checking system ensures that only the very best job can leave our factory.

Beside quality we take great care of design and finish and all our endeavors are directed to fully satisfy both private and professional users.

Our INSTRUMENTS are second to none both with regard to quality and nice execution, and we are always endeavoring to fulfill the requirements of our customers to the large extent, so that you may be quite sure to have your orders attended to with the utmost care and attention.